Best Clothing Store For Children In Bergen County

We're new to Bergen county, but we want to be the best like we were in Essex County last year!

Please take a moment to nominate us online for a chance to win a LikeWear gift certificate! 


How To Vote:

1. Visit 201 Magazine's Best of Bergen by clicking HERE

2. Register to make an account, or sign in to your already existing account

3. In the "Shopping and Services" category, click on "Best Clothing Store For Children"

4. Write in your vote for "LikeWear"

(it will look like this :-)


After You Vote:

Use your phone to take a pick of your entry (like in the pic above) and email it to Include your name and best way to contact you if not email! 

Prizes & Winner Selection:

* 1 Grand Prize Winners= $100 LikeWear Gift Card*

*3 Winners= $50 LikeWear Gift Card* 

Winners will be selected through a random drawing the week voting closes and winners will be announced shortly after. Winners will be contacted and posted about on our Instagram and Facebook Pages!


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