​The Best Mitzvah Favors

​The Best Mitzvah Favors

Published by Lisa Gold on Mar 1st 2018

They say it takes a village to raise a child. With 3 kids of my own who are all over the age of 13, I know first hand that what really takes a village is planning for a bar or bat mitzvah! It doesn’t matter if you are planning a simple celebration or a grand elaborate event, there are tons of details to figure out from food to flowers to outfits and music. And although most of us would like our children to simply concentrate on getting through the service (that is what the celebration is about after all), we know that the thing kids seem to be most focused on is THE FAVORS! It’s how their friends will remember their big day and its seems to be the only thing about which they truly care to give their opinion. Given that we at LikeWear are all about “wearing what you like”, we get it.

There are 3 things we think you should look for when picking out and designing favors for your bar or bat mitzvah:

1.Style –We started doing mitzvah favors because we carried so many of the “wanted” styles in our stores. And, there are so many to choose from. Everyone sure does loves a hoody! It’s such a popular giveaway because it’s unisex, all the kids love to wear them to school and there are several styles – from classic to burnout to ultra trendy zip - to cover different budgets. That said, lots of people give out sweatshirts and there are only so many of them us moms will let you collect in your closets at one time! So don’t forget to consider the good old t-shirt which often times has a longer life span (think sleep shirt) or flannel lounge pants or even a bag. It’s great to be unique but you also want to be somewhat practical. No sense in spending the money if no one is going to actually wear/use what you give out past the night they receive it.

2.Price – We’ve worked with tons of mitzvah customers. Some people want to keep it simple and some people want to go all out. There’s no right or wrong, but you need to identify your budget early on in the process, and most importantly, manage expectations with your child. Regardless, because of the styles we sell in our retail stores and for our school/team spirit fundraising projects (and perhaps more importantly the volume by which we sell them) we have favorable costs on the items most kids want to use as mitzvah favors. In other words, we can use our leverage as store owners and school apparel providers to offer competitive pricing on the most popular giveaway items.

3.Graphic/Logo - Sometimes a significant portion of the overall mitzvah favor cost lies in the creation of the graphic or logo that defines the celebration. Many companies will charge a separate logo creation design fee and even another fee to provide their design to you in a .jpg or similarly useable format for napkins, pillows, etc. Not us. We understand the importance of a logo and its ability to create a central theme for your party and tie everything together. I mean, hey, custom graphics are what we do all day every day in our stores at our Custom Bar. As such, we work with the bar/bat mitzvah boy/girl during a custom design session to design on screen in real time the image that will represent this special day on the favors we will produce for you. We never charge extra for this service or for digital versions for you to use with outside planners or vendors.

The best mitzvah favors are ones that the bar/bat mitzvah child took part in creating, is excited to see his/her friends wearing and that don’t break the budget. At LikeWear, our logo speaks to being able to “wear what you like”. Stop in, email or call to find out how we can help you make the best favors for your next mitzvah.

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