​Why Is This Camp Season Different Than All Other Camp Seasons?

​Why Is This Camp Season Different Than All Other Camp Seasons?

Published by Lisa Gold on Feb 6th 2018

We are so excited for CAMP 2018!

It seems like every year the camp shopping season starts earlier and earlier. And there are more stores out there than ever before carrying camp clothing and bunk stuff. So many in fact that after a while they all start to look the same and carry the same items from the same limited number of suppliers. But who wants to have the exact same things that everyone else is wearing? Not us. Who wants to only have a few customized options? Not us. Who wants to pay more than they should for personalization? Not us. Who wants to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get their custom camp clothes? Definitely not us! LikeWear was one of the first to do personalized, customized camp clothing and accessories and we aim to continue to be unique and original so this year we made a very big change.

This year, for the very first time, the LikeWear line will exclusively be sold only at LikeWear! We used to sell our camp clothing wholesale to lots of other stores. But now you can only get our line directly from us at one of our 2 retail locations – Livingston and Tenafly, New Jersey – or you can shop online at likewear.com.

What does this mean for you our customers? It means we are able to do everything that we have come to be known for but even better! Now we can offer better pricing because we don’t have to compete with our wholesale customers (in other words, we’re taking out the “middle man” ;-) By not selling wholesale, we’ve freed up our production resources so we can offer more customization options and increased personalization.

But one thing that won’t change, because we make everything ourselves, is that we are your fastest source for personalized and customized camp clothing. If you shop at one of our locations and visit our Custom Bar, we will make your items “while you wait” and you can literally walk out wearing your new favorite camp shirt. Alternatively, if you shop online with us, we don’t have to contact our vendor to order your item to have it delivered to us so we can give it to you 4-6 weeks later. Instead, we’ll make your item within a few days (sometimes even the same day!) and ship it out to you within a week.

The camp countdown has begun and so has the countdown to our first wave of exclusive new items for this season which we will be premiering on 2/8 at 8pm. Follow the live countdown clock here!

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