Why Shop So Early For Camp Clothes?

Why Shop So Early For Camp Clothes?

Published by Lisa Gold on Mar 3rd 2018

Camp is still 4 months away. So why all the posts, promotion and launching of new camp clothes and bags now? Well, as soon as we round the corner from mid-February break, everyone seems to start to turn their focus to the end of winter, the promise of Spring and the start of camp! And so do we!!

We start early because of 3 types of people shopping for camp:

1.Early Camp Shoppers. These are people who are either very Type-A-organized and/or first-time-camper moms. We appreciate the Type A moms because they usually come with lists, make decisions quickly and simply are trying to check things off their camp packing list sooner rather than later. Parents of kids going to camp for their first summer are usually more nervous than their kids so they start shopping early to make sure they get the correct stuff, the cool stuff and even all the extra stuff before it’s all gone!

2.Gift Card Camp Shoppers. These are shoppers who have gift cards from the holidays or birthday gifts that they have held and saved up specifically to use when new stuff for camp is released. They are excited to use them and even more excited to see what will be “in” and “it” and new for camp. We get you. We understand. It’s never easy waiting to use a Gift Card. So if you are waiting to use it on new clothing and bags and stuff for camp, we don’t make you wait too long!!

3. 10 for 2 Shoppers. These are the ones who live 10 months out of the year for the 2 months they spend at camp. These are the fanatics. These are the ones who like their camp friends better than their home friends. These are the ones who have memorized their camp zip code and follow all their counselors on Instagram. These are the ones who know how many months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds it is until camp starts. These are the ones who like to wear tanks, tees and sweatshirts emblazoned with their camp name to school because they are obsessed with camp and proud to show where they go. And these are the ones who can’t wait to start to shop each year for camp clothes because the earlier you start seeing the camp stuff in stores and online the closer those highly anticipated camp weeks feel like they will be here.

Technically, at LikeWear, we offer and you can shop for camp clothing and other camp stuff all year round. It may not always be the front and center primary focus, but at our Custom Clothing Bar we can print any graphic, any way and at any time and we always have our classic camp graphics at the ready. That said, there is nothing like the anticipation or the release of a new camp line. New clothing styles, new graphics, new bags for the camp bus and most importantly, new ways to get kids (and their parents) excited for another anticipated amazing summer spent at camp.

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