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LikeWear- Wear What You Like!

ken-lisa-gold.jpgOur story is your classic boy meets girl, girl has third baby and is longing for something more than just "mommy-hood", boy goes away on a business trip and while he's gone girl starts her own cool kids clothing and accessory business.  And that's where it all began...

The epilogue is that the girl's "hobby" business grows, boy pitches and secures several big name brands to be licensed to girl for her hip kids clothing line, boy leaves day job to work with girl and together they create LikeWear – a fun, cool kids' clothing and accessory line that features one of the largest original collections of officially licensed candy graphics and designs featuring unique twists on popular culture and trends.  In other words, LikeWear helps people to “wear what they like”!

I’m “girl”, otherwise known as Lisa Gold and “boy” is my husband Ken.  LikeWear really is a marriage of our ideas, imaginations, skill sets and our first names!  A well-kept secret (well, until now I guess!) is that the L-I in the name LikeWear comes from my name, Lisa, and the K-E from Ken’s.  Pretty cool, huh?

Those that carry our line have commented that we "tap right into the heart and soul of what kids really like and want".   We amassed more than 100 representatives in 15 states who were selling our line at the local level when we started to get noticed by specialty shops, hotel chains and destination retailers – many of whom sought out our cool wholesale clothing for its unique gimme-gotta-have-it licensed candy and original design graphics as well as for the quality and variety of our styles.  Our line always includes best sellers like lounge sets, kids underwear, sweatshirts, classic t-shirts and tote bags and we update other styles like tank tops, thermals, camp clothes and dresses, seasonally.

We’re always creating and designing new images – in fact, we’ve already created more than 200!  And we don’t have to look far for inspiration…  The sweet spot (pun intended!) of our fun wholesale kids clothing line is kids aged 4-14.  With three kids of our own ages 14, 12 and 8, we feel like we’re living in our own “think tank”.  We definitely rely on their opinions and have even had our younger daughter sketch out a few of our best selling designs (i.e., You Rock, You Rule).   Needless to say, the term “family business” really takes on a deeper meaning here at LikeWear!

After five years of running all aspects of LikeWear from our house, we recently relocated to a storefront at 142 South Livingston Avenue in our hometown of Livingston, New Jersey.  The space acts as our design studio, “manufacturing” facility, distribution center and of course our flagship retail outlet.  The back room of our studio has a Custom Clothing Bar where we invite you to shop for blanks, pick from our hundreds of transfer graphics and watch as your one-of-a-kind item is created in minutes!

Yeah, this girl and her boy have come a long way, but as far as their LikeWear story goes… it’s really just the beginning.

~Lisa & Ken

About Our Cool Kids Clothing & Accessories

LikeWear is actually more of a clothing "embellisher" than a clothing manufacturer. We source high quality blank apparel and accessories from the leading suppliers to the decorated apparel industry and embellish them with unique images that you and your kids would like to wear. We do all the design and conceptualization ourselves (which is the real fun part!) and have the images custom made into heat transfers to our demanding specifications as well as those of the CPSIA (i.e., no special washing instructions, no lead, no phthalates, etc.). We design our images to appeal to a wide audience - from kids to adults - and as such, make the majority of them in a variety of sizes so they can fit on the full range of sizes we offer because we believe that everyone should be able to "wear what they like".