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      Warter Strong

      Warter Strong is a Foundation established in memory of Oren and Ryan Warter.  Our mission to support like-minded causes (to learn more visit http://www.warterstrong.org) and all proceeds from sales will go to the Foundation.  DO HAPPY is our mantra.  We understand firsthand how unpredictable life can be yet believe that it is within our power to "do" something "happy" everyday.  DO HAPPY.  It is a verb.  It is a call to action.  It is empowering.  In honor of Ryan's 18th birthday, we have launched our first DO HAPPY clothing line.  If the characters look familiar... yes they are modeled after Ryan and his beloved puppies Ella & Otis. Thank you in advance for your support & please join us by sharing our mantra!

      As everything is built to order, no returns or exchanges.

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