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      How To Make Money For Your School Or Charity Selling Apparel

      We’ve worked with over 100 organizations in NJ, NY and CT to help them raise money for their school, charity or sports team.  We create seasonal clothing lines that can be used as a fundraiser, fanwear for sports teams as well as numerous “class of” and/or commemorative graduation garments.  Our goal is to produce a fashionable, fun line of clothing that people would want to buy in a store but happens to feature your school or organization.  In other words, we use the high quality, fashionable blank apparel that we stock in our stores, rather than the typical “cheap” t-shirts that are part of most spirit wear fundraisers.  That said, we still offer a range of price points so that there is something for everyone.  

      Unlike most online or local screen printers, we do not use industry stock art templates, nor do we force schools to order a large volume of clothing upfront as we recognize it can be challenging to sell everything and when there are goods left unsold, it frequently results in the school or organization losing money on the sale overall.  Rather, we design a line that typically consists of 6-10 separate items with a variety of graphics. 

      We also provide our fundraising partners with a .pdf flyer that can be emailed or printed.  We run the entire sale on our web site and deliver all the orders individually bagged for distribution.  We’ve had a lot of success with these turn key programs and in addition to providing a much more fashionable line than is typically offered for fundraisers, we have helped schools, charities and teams to raise a lot of money!