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      Why are you closing the retail store?

      This decision did not come easily. Although we have loved being a go-to spot for camp and college apparel, birthday gifts, casual fashion basics and of course having a full house at our Custom Bar… we’ve made a business decision to focus on SpiritWear, “LogoWear” and higher volume projects going forward.  Closing our retail store enables us to streamline and focus our efforts in order to expand this growing part of our business.

      When you say you will still be working on bulk custom projects, specifically what does that mean?

      Going forward we will have a 12 piece minimum for all design and production projects. In addition to SpiritWear and corporate LogoWear, some examples are mitzvah swag, 5th grade graduation and class of hoodies, family vacation shirts and bunk tees.  We will continue to provide free online apparel stores for higher volume projects. 

      What is an “online apparel store”?

      LikeWear can create and host an online apparel store for your school, business, family or group project or brand at no charge.  Whether for a single item or for a full line, we’ll work with you to create the graphic(s), set up the site and provide you with a unique URL that you can send to your group for ordering.  We can also add a royalty for fundraisers to be paid  out after the sale is complete.  Bulk shipping to an individual address or individual drop shipping are also options.  

      Does the 40% off discount apply to graphics in addition to the clothing?

      All pre-printed and existing graphics - including glitter! - will be FREE! You will be allowed one free graphic per garment. Custom names or graphics specifically printed for you will be charged at full price.  These will be limited and may not always be made the same day. 

      When is the last day to shop in-store?

      Friday, 8/30 will be the last day to shop in-store. We will have extended store hours in June, but will be closed for the month of July before reopening again in August.
      Please check our calendar HERE for full schedule details.

      Will I still be able to use my gift cards during the sale?

      Of course! Gift cards will continue to be accepted both in store and online until Friday, 8/30 which will be our last official day.

      I placed an online order prior to your announcement and haven’t received it yet. Will it still be sent out?

      Not to worry, all placed orders are already in production and will be completed as scheduled. 

      Will there be any changes to the return and exchange policies?

      As of May 31, 2024 all items will be Final Sale. We will not allow returns, exchanges or price adjustments on prior purchases. 

      How can I know about additional sales, promotions, your store hours and any additional information over the next few months?

      We will continue to send out emails with updated information and sale details. Of course you can always check our website or our Instagram and Facebook accounts. So if you don’t follow us already, you should!  

      Can my school continue working with you for SpiritWear after the store closes?

      Absolutely! We are transitioning LikeWear out of retail so that we can focus exclusively on SpiritWear and larger custom design work. That means that going forward we will be able to offer even more options with faster turnaround times. Design meetings for the Fall season will start scheduling in early August. 
      Please click here for more information about our SpiritWear programs.