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      Cool Graphics

      Our design style is trendy yet not faddish, detailed yet not overly done and popular in a way that speaks right to the core of being able to “wear what you like”.  We make the process easy and almost everything we sell can be customized or personalized to make it even more amazing!


      Lowest Pricing

      We source ourselves, we design ourselves, we produce ourselves and we only sell directly to consumers.  LikeWear has no wholesalers or middlemen so we are able to offer the lowest prices out there for custom camp and other personalized clothing and                      accessories.                                                   


      Only LikeWear sells LikeWear.So you will never see identical photos of our items popping up on multiple Instagram sites as is typical in this industry.  Everyone seems to be selling the same items nowadays.  But not LikeWear, we only sell our own brand.