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      News — Early Decision

      Why the College Admission Process Makes Me Feel Like a Contestant on The Bachelor

      Why the College Admission Process Makes Me Feel Like a Contestant on The Bachelor

      By: Lily Gold (Teen Blogger)

      As Juniors begin the college hunt, and as seniors have already experienced, we begin to ask ourselves; is this the school for me? Am I ready to commit and fall in love with this school? Will they love me back and accept me too? As I, myself, began pondering these questions, I recognized the uncanny similarity between the college selection process and The Bachelor.

      Being a college applicant is comparable to being a contestant on the bachelor. You want to fully commit yourself and fall in love with the bachelor/bachelorette, but will they love you back and give you that rose? In other words, you want to love a school, but perhaps it’s a reach. Maybe you even want to apply early decision to express your love. But will they accept you? Or will you be packing your bags with no rose in hand, and tears streaming down your face?

      There is also a striking similarity between the other contestants and the other applicants. You want to be supportive and hope the best for them, perhaps they are even your friends in both The Bachelor and the college process. However, they are still your competition. And a rose for them, or an acceptance for them, could possibly mean a rejection for you.

      Being an applicant for college (and a Bachelor contestant) can be painful sometimes as you put yourself out there, and perhaps get rejected. Deciding where you are going to call home for the next four years can be extremely overwhelming. However, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Your rejection from one school will lead to your enrollment in another. What makes rejection easier, is knowing that you will ultimately end up at the school that you were meant to attend...the right rose is worth waiting for.